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When it comes to quality, not all IDs are equal. There is a whole range of IDs, from legit government issued identification cards to market square souvenir shop “novelty ID” items. The differences are often glaring and can be spotted even by laymen at a glance. If you aim to buy fake ID online just as a fun gift or a prank, this does not matter – cheap or even self-made one will do. After all, detailed instructions for how to make a falsified identity card are available on Internet.

But if you need a fake ID to buy alcohol or go to music concert, you would want to to aim for the highest quality. Why? Simply because you risk to get caught if your ID raises suspicion. That’s where fun can turn into trouble. Possession of false ID is a criminal offense in many states and has legal consequences ranging from fine payment of several hundred dollars to years of jail time. If you are convicted of felony, it will remain on your record permanently, thus severely limiting your employment opportunities. Your driving license can be revoked too.


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While obtaining and using forged identification card can seem rather innocent thing that everyone is doing, it has been a matter of concern for the government. Crackdowns are not so uncommon. Recently underage drinking sweeps at summer concerts across New York made quite a stir. In other instances, stricter legislation been quietly promoted forcing retailers selling alcohol to pay greater attention when checking identification documents.

Previous sweeps in recent years have led to 862 fraudulent licenses being confiscated and 818 individuals being arrested. Additionally, the Liquor Authority said the number of prosecutions for underage sales is up 50 percent since 2010. The crackdowns are often targeting college campuses along with neighboring communities, and take place at the beginning of semester.

Likewise, bouncers are well aware of the proliferation of fake IDs. Do not challenge their intelligence and professionalism by trying to sneak in with your laughable ID card. As minimum, you will be ridiculed in front of the whole crowd with snarky remarks:

“I think a staple of the experience of when a bouncer catches you with a fake ID is the first thing we’re going to do is mock you,” Shubaly said. “If it’s a good false ID we’ll say, ‘You almost got there,’ and if it’s a bad one we’re going [to say], ‘Dude, I know you made this in your dorm room but you have access to Staples and Kinkos. Put a little more effort into it next time.” (source)

In case of doubt in the authenticity of your ID card you will likely be asked for an alternative identification document, and be turned away from the door upon failure to provide such – all while your friends are watching. Though this can surely be a traumatizing emotional experience, being turned in to the police is a whole different level of danger. And yes, you can be turned it, with your ID confiscated from you.

Play It Smart – Don’t Ask For Trouble

Bouncers are security professionals who see hundreds if not thousands of IDs every evening. After seeing large numbers of IDs, both falsified and authentic, they start noticing slight discrepancies between the two even without trying too hard. Even though few bouncers undergo formal training in spotting falsified identity cards, the knowledge is obtained from experience and is passed between the members of security teams. Trying to fool these professionals with cheap or self-printed ID is, as minimum, unwise. Only perfectly crafted ID from Freedom Fakes can be a guarantee of a safe pass to popular establishment.


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You may have seen cheaper IDs on offer online and be tempted by a bargain price. Almost every website that sells replica identity documents claims that they are high quality items. But think for a moment, can impeccably crafted, with full attention to detail and all security measures ID be cheap? Can top-of-the line laser printing equipment that is used to produce them be cheap? Can quality source materials be cheap? Can you hire skillful Photoshop artists for small fee? The answer is obvious and its a resounding NO.

Production of real fake IDs requires enormous degree of mastery, along with industrial grade equipment and matching source materials. This is naturally reflected in the price. Bargain offers are either low quality “novelty IDs” or plain scam and will never be shipped. Look for adequately priced products to avoid disappointments.


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