A fake ID caused a stir at an EU ministerial meeting in Vienna

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At a meeting at the end of August, a card depicting Emperor Franz Josef I was used as an admission card. Emperor Franz Josef I has really been spared nothing: the legendary monarch apparently had to serve for a fake admission card at a ministerial meeting within the framework of the Austrian EU Presidency. In a parliamentary question by Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), Green Federal Councillor Ewa Dziedzic now wants to know how this happened.

Dziedzic wrote that at the informal meeting of EU foreign ministers at the end of August in Vienna there was “demonstrably at least one fake ID card in circulation”, adding to her request an image of the admission card showing a photograph of the emperor who died in 1916, the name “Franz Josef I. KAISER” and “Organisation Staff“.

Fake-ID´s in circulation: Chancellor Kurz to answer

For high-level meetings, the Executive Secretariat of the Austrian EU Presidency issued identity cards at the Federal Chancellery (ESIAT). The Viennese Federal Councillor speaks of a “massive security gap” and wants to know from Chancellor Kurz, among other things, how many such fake IDs got into circulation, who created them and whether or not the international guests were informed of the „massive threat“ they were exposed to.

Emperor Franz Joseph I. admission card was “inactive

The Federal Government has countered reports of security gaps at the EU Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Vienna at the end of August. The admission card issued to Emperor Franz Joseph II was “inactive”, a government spokesman for the APA said on Friday upon request. There was also no information that (further) fake access cards were in circulation.

“The badge in question was inactive and no unauthorized person could have gained access to the informal ministerial meeting of foreign ministers. There was therefore no security gap in this context”, the spokesman stressed.

The spokesman did not provide any information on why the card was issued. The APA had previously also asked him by e-mail how the card could be issued and whether someone from the team of the EU Presidency had taken the liberty of „having some fun“.

What are Austrians saying about this?

Claudia, 34, Vienna

With this action, Green party member Dzidicz shows twice how unimportant the Greens are and how unimportant the Federal Council is. If the ladies there have nothing better to do than blab about if the cards were active or inactive, maybe we need a far reaching governmental reform of some sorts. I watched the last BR session on TV and watched these guys a little. I spare myself any comment, it would be insulting – and yet factual.

                                           Robert, 55 Zillertal

That is why the Greens no longer sit in the parliament. Nothing happens for for weeks on end, but there is now a great deal of excitement about Emperor Franz Joseph I’s visit to the ministerial meeting! Consequently, someone here asks: “Was Sissi also there? With what everything is said.

I would have for you some really important topics for them to discuss:

X Plastic garbage in the seas, whales and dolphins die of it!
X Climate change and too irresponsible politicians in almost all countries!
X Many Austrians, fathers, mothers, single parents, can no longer live normally on their incomes!
X Integrated refugee families are deported, convicted yet murderers remain!

Hello Greens, where are you?