We have made a long and perilous journey from trying to buy a fake ID online to own production line. We know where you’ve been, because we were there. We tried to find a trusted fake ID website, and got scammed out of our money, never receiving the actual product. On other occasions, we’ve got some funny looking novelty ID that was only good as a souvenir and stood no chance of passing even superficial, at-a-glance verification. We were in a dead end, feeling frustrated and desperate.

And that is when we decided to take matters to our own hands. It has been a long way from learning ins-and-outs of printing technology to optimization of business processes to polishing up shipping methods, which also required serious monetary investment, a great deal of self-dedication and personal mastery. But now we can announce with confidence that we are professionals of fake IDs market and that quality of our product is second to none.

Moreover, fake IDs is not just a business for us – it is a personal mission and and a form of social activism. We want to help young people who are in the same circumstances now that we were several years ago. We have been there. We know how it feels like. We realize how unjust it is. We are here to change it. We are here for YOU.

Every society has its own set of problems. One of these here in USA is legal drinking age. Limiting it to 21 years and over makes no sense whatsoever.

One can legally do so many things entailing greater risk and more dangerous consequences than drinking, before turning 21. Joining the army to kill and risk being killed, driving a motor vehicle and risking a fatal incident, taking a loan and risking not being able to pay it off, getting married and risking painful divorce, engaging in all sorts of perverted sexual behavior and risking STD is fine, apparently. But having a drink? NO WAY, we can’t trust you with that!

See “National” drinking age explained here:

We can go on… the issues are glaring. Yet they are often overlooked, or taken for granted, and no social initiatives are being commenced to change the status quo. It is rarely debated and there is no sign of altering this law in sight. It is a shame that young people, the future and hope of the nation, should resort to such drastic measures as buying fake ID online simply to have an innocent pleasure of having a drink with friends.

While we do not advocate excessive alcohol consumption, a beer or two is hardly more harmful than a coffee or two. Life often lays high demands on young adults, with strenuous study schedules and jobs. It can be challenging to maintain mental balance in stressful periods of time. In such situations nothing can be better than going out with friends, socializing, having a laugh and allowing yourself to let go a bit with a cocktail. Inability to do so may lead to feelings of social exclusion and add up to the perceived strain, often causing anxiety, depression and other emotional issues. Here alcohol serves as an important medium of social bonding, providing the right dynamics for the formation of interpersonal connections. Everyone needs an opportunity to relax and let go from time to time!

One who is subjected to adult levels of stress has to have a right for adult entertainment too – its only fair. While self-medicating with alcohol may not be the right way do deal with issues and demands of adult life, lets be honest and admit that a drink in the company of friends often saves bad day and one’s sanity.

At a larger scale, we can see how the legal drinking age laws in USA are outdated and archaic comparing to other countries. One bright example would be Netherlands with its liberal social rules. This country wisely realized that protection of personal freedoms is a cornerstone of stable and prosperous society, while criminalization of small pleasures of life leads nowhere. Several countries, including Belgium, Denmark and Germany, even allow 16-year-olds to buy beer and wine.

This video about legal drinking age around the world sums it up:

Alcohol consumption does carry some inherent risks. But so does the absence of any opportunity to relax and chill out, or certain prescription substances. We strongly advise all our customers to make own in-depth research on the effects of alcohol and enjoy it responsibly. Excessive alcohol consumption can be detrimental to one’s health and lead to irreversible damage. Individuals under 25 years old should be extra careful, as their brains are still developing.

Additionally, due to dis-inhibitory action of alcohol, it can make one more prone to reckless and destructive behavior. One should never drink to complete loss of self-control and situational awareness, to avoid harmful consequences.

Do not ever put yourself or others in danger – never drive when drunk!

Some useful hangover prevention tips: