Belgian Identity Card Is Insufficiently Secured

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Falsifiers of identity papers have discovered a weakness in Belgian electronic identity card. They can perfectly reproduce all visual elements on the e-ID. The Sudpresse newspapers report on Tuesday that the federal police are now investigating the necessary steps to improve the security of identity cards.

According to Fabian Klinsport, head of the Federal Police’s “Fake Documents” section, some thirty false identity cards were found by the authorities.

The electronic identity card has existed since 2003. For ten years, it has demonstrated that it is very reliable, but just like other documents, such as the old Swedish passports, it is being vulnerable to forgeries, says Klinsport.

The false identity cards do not have the correct codes. These codes are easily retrievable by the municipal administrations, so the fake ID cards are mainly used abroad.

In the event of identity fraud, criminals misuse false or stolen identity data. For example, they buy things in your name without paying. You can reduce the risk of identity fraud by being careful about sharing your data. Don’t just leave a copy of your passport, ID card or driving license with a hotel or car rental agency. Don’t put a photo of your driving license on social media at all because that driving license also contains your BSN, date of birth and your full names, and that is enough for a criminal to present himself as you.