Case Study: Identity Fraud in Brazil and Beyond

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There are many different reasons, why someone might consider using a fake id card in Brazil or elsewhere. Today, we are going to look at three recent cases that made the news.

#1 Illegal Immigration: Brazilian is arrested with false identity in the USA!

police officer with fake ids A Brazilian was arrested last week, accused of carrying false documentation, and according to case authorities, should be booked for deportation. Wilki Dias Fernandes, 20 years old, presented an identity of another person to the police.

In addition to being arrested, he will respond to an immigration hearing, which should lead to a removal from the country. He was recognized by an officer through the photo of another false document that had been confiscated in a police action a few months ago.

Fernandes was the passenger in a car stopped by police officers at the Boston Post Road East, at 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday, 2. The driver, Marcos Silva Santos, 27, has also been arrested and will be responsible for operating a vehicle without a driver’s license.

When questioned by police officers about his ID, Wilki showed his driver’s license in Brazil, with a different name from the fake ID, previously shown. In addition, his wallet contained bank cards and other documents with a false name.

The police did not provide details of the document and not even the name used by the Brazilian. In May, when the document containing Wilki’s photo was found in a drug trafficking area, a white powder, which is believed to be cocaine, was also confiscated.

Wilki will have a hearing soon, but for the time being he is still in the custody of the authorities.

#2 Selling Drugs under a false Name

A 29-year-old man was arrested on Sunday afternoon. He was wanted for drug trafficking and had a false identity document on him.

He was approached by the Federal Highway Police on BR-101 in Itajaí. The man was as a passenger of a Hyunday/HB20.

The police discovered the man’s real name and saw that he had been on arrest warrant since August 2017.

In addition to complying with the court order for drug trafficking, the trafficker will also answer for using falsified documents.

#3 Grandpa trying to defraud the State

A 65 year old was arrested in the act by the Military Police on the afternoon of Tuesday , after trying to take advantage of the Social Integration Program (PIS) with a false identity document. It happened at the bank branch located in Barroso street, downtown Manaus.

Manoel Alves da Silva arrived at the bank office and tried to withdraw an approximate amount of $ 5 thousand, according to a service representative, who preferred to have the name kept confidential. According to him, the information in the document was false.

According to the manager, the document contained a “non-standard text source“ and data that “was not compatible with the the system. “I began to ask simple questions and he did not know how to answer anything. These were security questions because I saw that the document provided looked strange,” explained the manager.

A garrison of the 24th Interactive Community Company (Cicom) went to the bank and led the elderly to the 1st Integrated Police District (DIP). According to the Civil Police, the man should be charged for using a false ID and also for attempted embezzlement. On Wednesday, he must go to a court hearing.