Fake ID Pledge Story

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Well I’m on an athletic team and so personally I didn’t have to pledge and never plan on joining a frat but a suite mate of mine did. He bar tended some parties of not only his frat, but for my team and it was pretty funny. The guys in the frat told all the girls on my team to go flirt with him and grab his arms and shit (he wasn’t allowed to talk to them besides taking orders and stuff). So that’s all dandy and he loves it you can tell, but keeps telling them to stop, he has to work and can’t talk; the whole bit.

So he gets off at midnight and he can join the party. We normally don’t party with frats, it’s usually other sports teams, but the guys offered the bartenders and the sister sorority was coming so what the heck. We hosted this event and my suite mate gets released from his duties and just gets hammered. He is trying to talk to these girls that were messing with him, also he was at that level of drunk where pretty much no one finds you attractive. It didn’t go well. He gets furious and we have a couch in the backyard. He goes into the house out a window onto the roof and yells “You guys raised a beast, I’m an animal. All you girls should have taken the man when you had the chance!” Jumps 3 stories onto the couch. We thought he fucking died. I run over and grab him and he is moaning so that’s good and we call an ambulance. Go to the hospital. 3 broken ribs and shattered wrist and he was concussed. Pledging is wild man.