Fake ID Users in Netherlands Got in Trouble with Police

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The police seized several false identity cards in Oldenzaal during the night of Saturday to Sunday. Minor visitors of the city centre tried to use the false papers to enter the bars and night clubs where alcohol is sold.

The police, via district agent Bob Nowosielski on Twitter, tell the public that the ID cards have been seized and an investigation has been carried out into the origin of the forgeries. It is not clear how many falsified identity documents are involved, and as far as we know, no arrests have been made.

Counterfeiting official documents is a criminal offense. Young people under the age of 18 use fake IDs to get alcohol, which you cannot buy when you are under that age. For this reason, some drinking establishments have a door policy in which you can not come in under 18 years of age.

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The police in Amersfoort had to take action ten times this night for identity fraud in night club. In all cases, a minor tried to enter a club with proof of identity belonging to an adult person.

The forged identity cards have been confiscated by the police. The persons who have lent their identity cards risk a fine from the municipality.

The district agents emphasize that the use of another person’s document is punishable. “In this case, both the person who uses the document forgery and the person who lends it out is punishable”, the police say.

“When a minor is used fake ID for the first time, a note is made in our system. The second time the arrest and official report follow”, the agents say.