Fake IDs Help Foreigners Stay in Germany – Good or Bad?

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In Germany, there are often News like this:

A completely forged Slovak identity card leads to two legal consequences for a Ukrainian woman (24). The 24-year-old woman has been reported on the one hand for obtaining false official identity documents and on the other for unauthorized entry or residence.

The false identity card was discovered in her purse during a routine check. The check had been carried out by the Federal Police at the „An der Neiße“ motorway rest stop.

In the end, the forgery caused the Ukrainian to lose her right to travel. After the document had been seized, the accused was later expelled by the authorities.

The police also checks up on immigrants living and working in Germany

So it happened that the Essen police inspected a workshop in Bonifacius Street. Police arrested a 28-year-old man with several forged documents on Bonifacius Street. He is a Lebanese man who presented a Spanish identity card and a Swedish driving license. In the meantime, a magistrate has applied for deportation.

According to the police, an investigation led the officers to a company on Bonifacius Street at about 9.30 am. The police had to be informed of the deportation. In the workshop hall, however, the officers did not find the person they were looking for, but a 28-year-old.

Suspect was provisionally arrested The man’s identity details were checked. He handed over a Spanish passport and a Swedish driving license. Bad luck: The police discovered several signs of forgery on the documents. Nevertheless, the 28-year-old vehemently denied the accusation that the documents were forged.


The consequences

As a result, the suspect was temporarily arrested for further investigation. Criminal investigations now revealed the actual identity. According to this, it is not the man to whom the identity documents are issued, but a 28-year-old Lebanese man.

Both documents are presumably forged and have therefore been seized. In the past, the 28-year-old was supposed to have been deported by the relevant immigration office. The Essen Aliens Department took over further processing. A magistrate ordered deportation custody.

But what are Germans saying about cases like this?


Let‘s hear two opposing voices:


I’m sure there’s some reason the man can stay here. Possibly one of our bighearted churches applies itself here and then it becomes known that the man could be searched in its homeland possibly because of murder or rape and then still remains here…he has work already and with it he is sufficiently integrated….we just need to be more tolerant….who needs valid papers! – Thomas 42y old


Hello Thomas,
Thank you very much for your contribution. More people should be like you. Instead of immediately shouting “deportation”, you see constructive possibilities to save this person still – from the certain downfall in his homeland and to keep him here with us, keyword church asylum, possible repressions in his former homeland,… Especially someone who works on Saturday in the morning while others are still sleeping off their intoxication… these are the dynamic citizens of our society who we need in our country.


They have learned from history and also stand up for those who perhaps do not have such a lobby… and I think that’s great! Keep it up! – Mia, 24y old

What do you think?