Customers often ask us just how good is scannable fake ID from Freedom Fakes. Here we collected the most common questions and answers.

– Can I Trust You With My Personal Information?

You surely can. We treat our customer’s details as our own, using multiple levels of protection and military-grade encryption at every stage. Under no circumstances will we disclose your personal details to the third parties, for any purpose.

See our Privacy Policy page for more details.

– Do I Have To Use My Real Name On My Fake?

Most people prefer using their real names. However, it is entirely up to you. Certainly use your real picture though 😉

– Are There Any Age Restrictions?

Yes. We will only make fakes with max stated age of 23 years. Orders for IDs requesting over 23 age, as well as orders for individuals looking older than 23 will be rejected without refunds.

– Can I Use These To Get To A Bar Or Club?

Yes! That’s what they are meant for!

– Are You Guys Legit Or Is It Just Another Scam?

Yes we are legit! We are the White Knights of fake IDs market! We deliver the product of great quality! Raving reviews on Reddit r/fakeid is a solid proof of that!

We are professionals who have been in the business for years! We have many repeat orders and crowds of happy clients! You can order from us with confidence, while our support is online day and night to address your concerns, should you have any.

Read our story on About Us page. Learn how to spot a fake id scam.

– What Payment Methods Are Available?

To protect privacy of our clients and integrity of our business operations, at the present moment we accept Western Union and Bitcoin payments.

Check out our How to Pay guide.

– What Is An Estimated Shipping Time?

Average shipping takes about 2 weeks from order date to receiving date. Express shipping methods are available for additional fee. See shipping page for more details.

That’s right, only few days to 2 weeks to start living your new life 😉

– Do Your IDs Scan?

Of course! The whole point of fake ID is that it can pass scan and backlight tests, so you can use it everywhere as you would use a real ID!

– Do They Bend?

Yes! Just like real ones!

– Are Any Group Discounts Available?

Sure, we have basic Resellers requirements outlined here. Please contact us to negotiate custom deals and discounts.

– Which State’s ID Is The Best?

All our IDs are of excellent quality, you can order any state’s ID and use it with confidence. Our IDs are usually good to use in-state, but for extra safety you may want to order an ID of a state different from the one you live in.

– How Can I Know The Status Of My Order

You can log into your account to see the progress of your order in real time. Should you have any issues, please contact our support indicating your email and order ID.

– I Have Changed My Mind, Can I Cancel And Have A Refund?

Due to the nature of the business, all orders are considered final at the time of placement and no cancellations or refunds are provided. By placing order you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.