Financial Fraud Attempt Involving Fake ID Failed

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In Novara, Italy, a man opened bank account with a false identity document and tried to collect a cheque at later date.

The fraudster was arrested by the police after bank manager reported suspicious case. He had opened a bank account, but the document did not completely convince the bank’s manager and employees. So, when a few days later he tried to collect a cheque, the police arrived.

It happened in Novara, in the branch of a bank in Viale Roma. The man, a 30-year-old, had presented himself with the intent to open a current account. The procedure had been successful, so a couple of days later he returned to deposit a cheque of several thousand euros on that same account. Something in the man’s identity document, however, aroused suspicion in the bank employee, who then approached the director of the branch. Given the important information, the director called the police, who intervened and verified that the identity card of the 30-year-old was fake. Now man is obliged to stay in the commune of residence, awaiting trial for using fake identity in fraud attempt and receiving stolen goods.