Germans Buy Fake IDs in Thailand – Here is why you should not!

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forged id samples in thailandThailand has become a major destination for document fraud. Especially the trade with forged and stolen travel documents is very lucrative and therefore flourishing.

But also student IDs, train cards and many other IDs can be bought in Thailand for sometimes very little money. It goes without saying, that there is a great temptation as a tourist in this country to buy such a “document”. But you should beware of that. The quality is often poor, the risk of getting found out high.

Is it illegal to own a forged ID Card in Germany?

The mere possession of forged identity cards is not yet punishable in Germany, as long as one does not use them. But in case of doubt, one must possibly prove that one did not intend anything bad with the forged passport or driver’s license.


And this is not about trivial offenses: High prison sentences are not rare for forgery of documents!


In addition, obtaining forged identity documents can have further consequences:

Particularly in international air traffic, you will quickly end up on no-fly lists and can get into trouble – especially when traveling to the USA. In America, fake ID cards such as driver’s licenses are particularly popular with young people under the age of 21 because they hope to get into clubs, discos and bars – after all, alcohol is only legally available from the age of 21.

But American authorities are quite harsh dishing out severe penalties and you shouldn’t risk anything with a low quality fake.

If you only want to bring home a funny souvenir from your stay in Thailand, you should choose something other than a Fake ID. Under certain circumstances, this can cause a lot of trouble. And: Ignorance does not protect from punishment, neither in Germany nor in Thailand or elsewhere. It would be difficult to claim you „did not know“.

How does one go about buying a false ID in Thailand?

Of course, forgery of documents is also forbidden in Thailand, but the authorities do not always pursue these offenses. In big cities like Bangkok you can sometimes even acquire passports or other documents under the eyes of police officers. There are no real shops for them, but it is not difficult even for inexperienced tourists to be approached by a counterfeiter.

They display ads on markets where different identity papers are shown as samples. If you are interested, simply stand in front of the board and wait – sooner or later one is automatically approached by a counterfeiter or his assistants. Afterwards you go to a counterfeiter’s workshop in a backyard or elsewhere, where the necessary work is carried out.

The processing times vary depending on the type of ID required. A student ID card can usually be picked up within a few minutes or hours after ordering. German Identity cards or even passports take longer and cost much more.

The reason for this is, that the documents are usually not created from scratch, but stolen or lost IDs are reused. Thus, the forged passports are of a very good quality and have most of the security features. Even professionals cannot always recognize these papers at first glance.

No wonder that even shady figures like to buy such papers, because terrorists, smugglers and other criminals are always interested in new identities. There have been some arrests of foreign passport forgers in the recent past. But if we stay reasonable, most minors probably just use them to buy booze – or save money:

Why it makes sense to buy ready made ID

You certainly don‘t have to travel to Bangkok or any other City of Thailand to buy a fake ID. I myself can attest to the fact, that it is very easy to obtain a fake id, as i was approached myself on the infamous Khaosan Road. Still, it is much simpler, to just sit back, relax and order a quality fake online. Clear and Darknet Vendors also are able to offer a quality that is often hard to beat. So why spend money on a plane ticket, if you can purchase a Fake ID now?