Hotel Chain Hack a Blessing for Dutch Passport Forgers?

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Passport Numbers stolen in Hotel Chain Hack

More than 25 million passport numbers were stolen from the hack of hotel chain Marriott, 5.25 million of which were unencrypted. The company writes this in an update on the incident that was announced last November.

According to the Marriott, there are no indications that the attackers had access to the decryption key to decrypt the encrypted passport numbers. The Marriott will enable customers to check whether their passport numbers are between the stolen unencrypted passport numbers.


You might ask yourself:

Passport numbers? Can you do something with that? It seems to me like “taking” a phone book full of names, addresses and phone numbers… Not or hardly valuable!

Wait a minute….

The data can be sold on the Darkweb to create fake IDs

It is true average people don’t even know how a passport number could be misused for. To find out, one has to learn to think like a criminal and that is not easy for most unimaginative people.

So allow me to break it down for you: Real Passport numbers are needed to create convincing fake IDs. If you want to open a bank account (financial fraud), your passport number might get tested for authenticity. But there are more reasons fraudulent passports and ID cards are in high demand. Underage drinking, for instance…

Underage youngsters being sentenced to prison for using a false identity

Scanning, printing, cutting and pasting: Students should tell how easy it is to falsify an identity card. About 20 percent of young people who go out use an identity card that is borrowed or fake, reports the NOS.

Dutch Fake ID Tutorial: Better purchase a quality fake online!

And that is not without risk. More and more underage youngsters are being sentenced to a term of imprisonment for using a false identity card when going to clubs or bars. Every year hundreds of young people are involved, according to Halt’s figures.

In 2015 this concerned 350 young people, last year 428. After the first three months of 2017, the count is already at 147.

For example, a 16 year old girl in a report by NOS explains how she changed her year of birth. “I needed a 6 to falsify it. The identity card shows the date of birth in a yellow piece, you have to check if you have a 6 in the part from ‘valid to’ because this part is also yellowish.”

The Nail polish trick

Then she copied the identity card in color a few times. “Then I cut out the yellow 6, as small as possible. Then I filed the paper as thinly as possible with a nail file. Then it was ready to be stuck on: “This works best with transparent nail polish.”

About half of the students pay money for a forgery. About 17 percent of young people say they borrow a card from someone else. “I borrow a card from a friend to attend 16+ parties. That is normal in my circle of friends,” says a 15 year old girl.

Another pupil said: “Everyone knows someone who makes fake cards. But you have to pay for that. At our school, for example, a fake plastic card costs about 60 euros.”

Easy to obtain online

You don‘t need to know shady characters if you want to order a fake id. Fortunately, there are many trustworthy vendors out there, able to supply you with a very authentic looking identity card or passport. And if you just want to drink and have a good time, you won‘t even have to worry about supporting criminals hacking computer systems.

Relax and have fun!