How Do I Falsify My Identity?

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The bouncer asks for his identity card, so does the woman in the supermarket and the man in the cinema. Which young person has not already thought about getting older on paper? Party experts Sebastian Leber and Nana Heymann answer key questions.

There are very different reasons for forging your identity card: Because you can’t go to a night club at the age of 16, because you can’t go to a student club at the age of 18, because you can’t watch chainsaw massacre movies in the cinema when you’re a minor.

Internet forums offer countless suggestions and tricks on how to get fake ID documents, allegedly guaranteed and almost without risk. But is that really true?

Here is an overview of the most popular techniques including cost-benefit analysis:

1. Scan your identity card, photo-shopping the date of birth, print it out in high quality and laminate it.

Problem: This is forgery of documents and therefore not a trivial offense, but a criminal offense. There’s a threat of up to five years in prison.

Cost-benefit: It’s not worth it.

2. Instead of your own ID, scan and forge a foreign student ID card, for example the international ISIC card. It’s not a government document.

Problem: It makes no difference, the document remains a document and the forgery is therefore a criminal offense.

Cost-benefit: Could be better.

3. Borrow an ID from someone who looks somewhat like you and is the right age.

Problem: It is not forgery of documents, but misuse of identity documents and thus again a is criminal offense. After all, according to section 281 of the Criminal Code, one is only threatened with a maximum of one year in prison, including, by the way, those who lend their identity card to another person.

Cost-benefit: Especially low since you’d be better not involving someone else.

4. Scan in the ID, photo-shop the date of birth and print it out in black and white on A4 paper. Then show the print out to the doorman and claim that you always leave the original at home so as not to lose it.

Problem: Theoretically, the copy would have to be authenticated on the back. Many bouncers don’t care, they let you in anyway. Attention: Never print in color, otherwise this can be interpreted as an attempt to print the copy as original. That would be forgery again.

Cost-benefit: Good – but only as long as not everyone does it and the bouncers do not find out at some point.

And what about the one who doesn’t want to pretend to be of older age, but on the contrary, wants to cheat away a few years? For example, so as not to scare away a new, apparently much younger romantic partner. Or to get the student discount at the movies. Or to infiltrate an “under 30” party where ID checks are also obligatory. Also in these cases the forgery attempt is unfortunately not considered a party joke, and the laws described above are also applied. It would also be much more embarrassing to explain your motives to the judge.