How Easy Is It To Buy A New ID On Internet?

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You don’t have to be paperless to need a new identity document. And you don’t necessarily have to want to increase your stock of prescription drugs or weapons to become a buyer on the Deepweb. Even murderers, fraudsters and people who urgently need to go underground for various reasons have an attractive selection of completely counterfeit papers at Darknet thanks to the range of products on the relevant marketplaces.

But how credible are Deepweb counterfeiters’ products and what do sellers claim? Is it really that easy to become a false Syrian or a false German thanks to the online black market? We looked around the Deepweb and spoke to Germany’s best document examiner to assess the quality of the fake IDs on offer.

Most online ID forgeries are in the lower price segment and are fake scans that are used, for example, to get into a night club. (The trick, which the colleagues have already described very nicely, works like this: You go to the doorman with the fake scan and claim you left your ID at home so it wouldn’t get lost. Yes, of course that’s already illegal.)

The data that you do not send to the forgers will be generated randomly as long as you do not provide full details. A scan of an Italian passport, for example, is already available for as much as one euro. The counterfeiters use Photoshop templates for this, in which the desired data can then simply be entered. The next higher price level is provided by the templates themselves.

On a well-known small website the members also exchange information on how to design the machine-readable part of a German identity card on the computer, so that a forgery is not immediately discovered. For example, how do you calculate the codes on the back of your ID card? “If you are looking for a generator for the number, you can buy from me for 15 Euro BTC ;)”, writes a business-minded man – in reality it is much easier.