– Read our photo instructions and frequently asked questions.

– Register on Freedom Fakes website using your email and secure password.

– Log in to your account with the details you used.

– Fill in the order form with information you want to be printed on your ID. Make sure it is correct with no mistakes or typos! Once your order is sent to processing, it will be impossible to change it, so please pay attention before you submit the form!

Upload your ID picture in JPG or PNG format using the order form. It should be no more than 2MB in size or you will get an error.

– Take a picture of your signature on white background and upload that as well.

– Click add to “cart” button. You will be redirected to your cart with your order summary.

– For bulk orders, fill the order form for each ID with its respective details and add them to cart. There is no limitations on the number of IDs you can order.

– Once you are finished, click checkout and fill in your shipping address, making sure it is correct.

– Total order price will be calculated automatically, indicating exact amount to pay in Bitcoin.

– Send order payment to the bitcoin address specified. Make sure to send the exact amount indicated or your order will fail to be marked as “paid” by our system. Your transaction may take 30-60 minutes to confirm on bitcoin network, depending on its congestion. Your order status will be changed to “paid” automatically after 3 confirmations on the Blockchain.

– Sit back and enjoy – your order will be sent to processing shortly! You can see your order progress on your customer account page. That’s it, you will receive your new ID in the mail soon!