How To Resell Freedom Fakes

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Okay, so I get probably 10 emails a day saying that people want to resell and they want my advice because they heard I do it a lot and make a lot of money. Frankly, I’m annoyed at typing out the same response every time, so from now on, I’m linking to this post.

Alright, so…you want to resell? First thing’s first.

Safety First

What you are about to venture into is highly illegal. You are most likely over 18, so you will be charged as an adult now. This could mean big boy jail time. This profession is not for the weak of heart. Go ahead, leave if you’re scared. I’ll wait….

Okay so you’re sure. You want to do this.

Setup a secure email. (anonymousspeech, safe-mail, etc.). This is what you will use to communicate with vendors and sometimes clients.

Buy a burner cell (Tracfone, etc.). Use this to text clients if it is absolutely necessary.

Ask around. I hired my friends to work for me as recruiters. They get kids to me and I pay them a commission for each one they ascertain ($5 a head usually).

Use group size to your advantage. I only order with big groups. Personally, I use Freedom Fakes, but the vendor you choose to work with is personal preference. With sites like this, you get group discounts. The bigger the group, the bigger the savings, and the bigger the profit for you.

Now, here’s the one place I could improve. I am a man of quality. I like to ensure that my clients get the best products. This usually depends on the picture I get from them. So, 98% of the orders I’ve fulfilled in my career, I took the picture myself. I’m a photographer and have the proper gear to ensure the best picture for each person. I could just send them the photo guide and have them email me a picture, but I don’t feel like sitting around with my dick in my hand and getting shitty pictures from them, only to later hear them complain it looks like crap on the ID. This is my biggest OPSEC compromise.

So, once I get the groups together, I’ll have each person come to my house, take their picture, get their signature, take down their info, and grab their cash. I’ll use an example from my last order. I had a group of 40. I had each person pay 100. With the group discount, it only cost 65 each. That’s 35 bucks profit per head. Do the math and it’s around 1400 profit for one order. I get a lot of the kids myself, so once I pay my recruiters, I’m usually only down about 100 bucks.

I store all customer info on an encrypted SD card that I keep in my wallet. I never keep it on my computer. I compile the files in the following way.

Make a folder and name it for the person. “John Smith”

Inside that folder, you want three files:

“John Smith ID Photo” This will be the JPEG right from the camera.

“John Smith ID Signature” This will be either a JPEG or PNG from the signature scan. I usually have out a piece of computer paper and have all the signatures on it. Then I scan it, crop each piece in MS Paint, and save it accordingly.

“John Smith ID Info” This will be a Word Document or TXT file that contains the order form.

Once you have all this together, send the folders to compressed (zipped) folders. Attempt to make each one about 25mb each, this is the standard file size limitation for email servers.

Alright, so you have your cash in hand, your emails have been sent, now we are off to wire the money.

Head down to your local WU branch/location and fill out a “Send Money” form with the info the vendor provides you.

That’s it.

Hopefully this clears up some questions anyone had about this process.