Legit Fake IDs That Scan And Backlight Are Must Haves For Every College Student

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Owning a really good fake ID has been quite common among college students in American universities. Out of all the countries in the world, there are only four which have a drinking age of 21 and above – one of them is The US. Some countries in Europe have a legal drinking age of 16 while the rest of the world can drink alcohol once they turn 18.

It’s especially hard if you’re studying in the US. Before turning 21, it is inevitable that you’ll be binge-drinking at campus events and house parties. It’s actually nice once you reach the legal age for drinking alcohol – having beer while dining out or hanging out at a bar is pretty cool. But for most underage students, it’s more exciting to start drinking during their early years in college.


Where To Order An Authentic Looking False Identification – Finding Best Place Is Not An Easy Task

People have this idea that in order to get your hands on a false identification, you just go outside and purchase one from a store. But that is not what’s happening anymore. Instead of ordering from a sketchy place or getting it from a friend’s friend who knows a lot about the business, people are now buying fake IDs online. There are now so many places to choose from. You’ll be able to get a legit fake ID that scans with just a few clicks.

The most popular online market place for fakes used to be found on Reddit, but it got banned by Reddit administration after flourishing trade got to their attention. Since then it became harder to find legitimate vendors. A quick google search can instantly give you a lot of options on where and how to buy a fake ID. But one has to make their due diligence to pick a reputable vendor with quality products.

How To Get A Good Product – Choose Reputable Supplier

Purchasing online is still the most popular way but you can also buy yourself one just by asking around. One student got her forged identification in less than 2 weeks. All she did was send an email to a service provider, pay in cash or cashier’s check, and provide a headshot for a driver’s license. This student got the contact information of the supplier from a friend. Also one needs to research what are the best and worst fake IDs.

What Will Happen If You Get Caught Possessing Or Using Falsified Identification?

The difference between falsified and real document can be very obvious to security professional. You could get in serious trouble if you get caught with a fake. Some people can get arrested, charged with misdemeanor or even felony, depending on the state of residence. If it’s your first time to get caught, there’s almost a 100% chance that you won’t go to jail. But you might still get your driver’s license suspended for at least a year. There is a bigger punishment for young adults who will use a falsified passport or another person’s real ID. The friend who lent you his document will be in trouble, too. In some states, there could be jail time.

Our correspondents concluded that fakes aren’t as casual as your friends and media play them off to be and they come with major risks and serious legal consequences. It’s important to know your state’s specific laws when it comes to false identification. Ordering a fake ID comes with great risks – but yolo, right?!