No Identification, No Examination

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No ID card or driving license with you? It is a pity, because without an official ID you are not allowed to take examinations at Hogeschool Rotterdam. This rule has been in force since this academic year and sometimes results in students being able to return home immediately.

Some eight students are refused for each test week, says Michèle Hollander, chairman of the Examination Board at the teacher education programmes. But I say that roughly, I don’t know exactly. Fortunately, the vast majority of students have an ID card, passport or driving license with them. This is not so strange in the Netherlands, of course, because it is also simply required by law. A college card (until last year it was sufficient, ed.) is not an official ID.

Knowing students

It is important that students do not get the feeling that other students are admitted because the instructor supervising them knows them. Teachers may need to get used to sending home a student they know. We do not know whether this is happening, but we insist that teachers abide by the rules.

Because you are no longer allowed to enter the room 10 minutes after the start of the exam, getting your ID back home is not an option in the vast majority of cases. We have also experienced a student calling his father or mother to bring the ID.


If you don’t have an ID because it has been stolen, then a letter from the municipality or police is enough to state that a report of the missing person has been reported. A copy of your ID or driving license is not enough.

In order to prevent refusals, the identification rules are publicized as much as possible. It is stated in the OER (education and examination regulations), in a newsletter, during lessons and via e-mail. In fact, that is all extra, because you are just supposed to know the law.