Is It Possible To Live A Whole Life Under Fake Identity And Never Get Caught? Astonishing Case Of 85 Year Old Man

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A month ago, a body waited in the morgue to be handed over to family members. The relatives who claimed it did not disclose either his name or his official nationality.

On December 29th, an 85 year old man died in Lille. He lived in rue de Solferino, a few steps from the Algerian consulate. Moreover, officially, this immigrant who arrived in France in 1964 is Algerian and benefits from a residence permit issued by the French authorities. But the suspicion has been raised that in fact, this man lived his whole life with fake identity documents.

“The date and place of birth of the deceased brought by my clients are identical to those on his Algerian and French identity documents”, says Tayeb Ismi, a lawyer for the family of the diseased.

The deceased Lille man was single and childless. After arriving in Lille half a century ago, the man no longer went to the Maghreb. ” He has never even set foot in Algeria,” says Ismi.

On the other hand, he kept in touch with his blood relatives.” This man and his siblings lost their parents at a very young age,” says the defender. He was taken by an Algerian family living in Tunis and fleeing the Algerian war. It is been speculated that the diseased used fake identity documents, such as passport and driving license, to live in France for several decades. There is an ongoing investigation meant to clear up the speculation and draw an official conclusion.

But even if it will be proven that the man used fake identity documents, there, obviously, will be no repercussions.