Your privacy is of as much concern to us as our own and will be treated with utmost care. We put maximum effort to protect confidentiality and data safety. We employ latest technologies in information security to keep your data safely and minimize the risk of breach, theft or leak. We use encryption at all stages to protect customer information from being intercepted by third parties. Our website Freedom Fakes uses secure https connection protocol with valid SSL certificate from Comodo.

All personal details that were submitted by you through order form on our website are stored on our secure servers in encrypted form for the period of 45 days, and are permanently deleted at the end of this period without the chance of restoration. We need to keep it for 45 days in case there is a problem with fulfillment or delivery of your order and we need to re-print and re-ship it to you.

All communication with support is held by means of secure, encrypted email or messenger. All logs are stored for the period of 45, and permanently erased after.

Your order, and all details provided with it, is a private matter between you and Freedom Fakes. We will not disclose any of the details you supplied with any third parties that are not directly involved in the processing and fulfillment of your order, for any reason.

We will never contact you with any marketing or up-sale offers, or use your details for any other purposes than to print your ID. You can rest assured that your data will not be sold on the black market or used for any kind of fraudulent activities.

To prevent possible fraud and illegitimate use of Freedom Fakes website, we reserve the right to log all visitors data, such as their IP address, Internet browser name and version, and computer operating system information. We do not track your activity outside of Freedom Fakes website. This data is stored on our servers securely and anonymously for the duration of 90 days, and erased irreversibly after this period.

We use multiple levels of protection of information at every stage of our business operation while constantly monitoring and improving our operational security.

We urge all our customers to take equally serious approach to their security and use privacy enhancing tools such as VPN, Tor and encrypted communication channels for sensitive online activities.

We can not be held responsible for security flaws at customer’s side and any possible loss or damage resulting from them.