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Using Fake IDs at Bars: Alabama

Getting into a bar in Alabama by using a fake ID is entirely possible. Majority of bars in this area are not really that thorough when checking a customer’s identification. A lot of these clubs and bars have mostly college students as their regulars. Going to bars and dancing at clubs are amazing ways to de-stress and deepen relationships with friends and even lovers. Anyway, using a fake ID to get into bars is pretty harmless- you just want to have a great time with your friends. One great example of a bar which is quite lenient when it comes to fake IDs is Shakers on the Strip.

Here are some tips to help you manage your first trip to a bar or nightclub. First of all, make sure that your fake ID looks genuine. With today’s technology, it can be easily achieved. Never share the same type or unusual form of ID with your friends because it might raise suspicions. Though it should be a no-brainer already, never try and use the exact same ID that your friend previously used. Just relax and don’t be too obvious upon entering the bar. Act like a regular. Take note that most bars are easy to get into during the earlier days of the week like Mondays and Tuesdays and the hardest when it’s peak time on Fridays and Saturdays. Of course, always be responsible when using that amazing ticket to fun parties and drunken nights – your fake ID.