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Using Fake IDs at Bars in Connecticut

You can use your fake ID to enter so many bars in Connecticut. Not a lot of bars implement strict rules before letting a customer in. Most regulars at clubs and bars are underage students. Since clubbing and chilling at bars are great ways to unwind, a lot of college students do this. It’s not as uncommon as most people think. It’s not a horrible act to use a fake drivers licenses just to unwind with your friends.

These basic tips might help you in the future. The first one is absolutely basic – get an authentic-looking ID using only the best computer softwares. Nowadays, it’s not that hard to produce IDs that look real and can even be scanned. It’s all in the little details- a clear photo is one important example. An international identification raises a lot of suspicions so that’s a no-no. Please refrain from using anyone else’s ID especially if it was already used that night. Don’t let anyone else use yours, too. In order to enter a bar smoothly, you should relax and act like a regular there. Here comes the most important tip: to be on the safe side, come during the early days of the week like Mondays and Tuesday. On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s generally harder to get through since they get really large crowds. Don’t forget to use your fake IDs responsibly to stay out of trouble and just have a lot of fun with your friends.