Freedom Fakes welcomes group orders and resellers, and provide good discounts for them! We can make special offer for any deal of more than 5 IDs. All states are available for bulk discounts, including high security state like NNY, VA, And WI.

It is absolutely free to join our reseller program. Our rules are flexible, and you only need to meet minimal requirements to qualify. Please contact support with your join request so we can discuss the details.

As a reseller you can enjoy this amazing side business opportunity to make an additional income while you study, instead of that boring, low-paying part time job! Our IDs are of premium quality, and soon you will start getting repeat customers, referred to you by word of mouth. Its a great, lucrative passive income, yay!

Our stealth shipping makes it completely safe for you to receive and distribute the IDs, you do not need to worry about someone finding out!

Dedicated manager will be assigned to each reseller, so you can have direct communication with a person directly responsible for your order over secure encrypted messenger.

Likewise, alternative payment solutions can be discussed.

Resellers are our beloved affiliates who get preferential VIP treatment in every business aspect!

Contact us to get accepted!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Each candidate will be considered on individual basis. We reserve the right to decline any application without explanation or the right to re-apply. Application processing time may vary. We will only notify you of positive decision.