Right to Migrate? “Don’t use a Fake ID” says French Police

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On Wednesday, at Dax station, a police operation was held to check travelers’ identity documents in order to detect any false documents (identity cards, driving licenses, passports, etc.).

The same operation had already been carried out on 24 October. The aim: to fight against illegal immigration but also against all forms of trafficking, in particular stolen vehicles (false car registration documents) and spare parts.


Taking a closer look: What’s fake? What’s legit?

A team of about ten national police officers was assisted by two border police analysts (PAF) who came with new equipment: a mobile documentary analysis laboratory. Available to border police since the beginning of the year, this van is equipped with a spectral video examination device specially developed for the detection of false documents. Basically, a kind of large magnifying glass with infrared and ultraviolet lamps that allows documents to be examined under various light spectra to detect those that could be counterfeit.

“We check the printing quality, the nature of the medium, all signs that could indicate a counterfeit, alteration or usurpation of the document,” – explains Éric Bleuruacq, documentary fraud analyst at the PAF.

Counterfeiters’ techniques are constantly being renewed and it is necessary to keep abreast of the new techniques they use to produce false documents. “We receive daily alert sheets that inform us of the latest techniques used to produce false documents. »

According to analysts, while it is relatively easy and inexpensive to obtain fake documents of poor quality on the darknet (the hidden Internet), “good fake” documents can be exchanged for up to several thousand euros.

Expertise in documentary fraud has been one of the core businesses of border police for over 20 years. But it is not always easy to sniff out the false document for other security actors or for certain private sector professions concerned by the problem. This is why in Savoie, the PAF regularly trains police officers, gendarmes, customs officers but also bankers or civil registrars:

“The interest is to give them at least basic knowledge about how to detect in a few minutes the least elaborate false documents”, – explains Commander Stéphane Floret.

Since the beginning of the year, 514 false identity documents have been seized from 361 holders. In 2017, 780 forged documents were seized from 521 holders.

People Fighting for the Right to Migrate

guy with gun at french borderBut should using a false id to migrate be punishable?

A lawyer of the Clermont-Ferrand Bar was brought before an investigating judge on Friday, November 9, to be charged with active corruption, influence peddling, forgery and use of forgeries and facilitation of illegal residence, reports France Bleu Auvergne. The 41-year-old man is suspected of bribing a contract employee of the Puy-de-Dôme prefecture to obtain documents for illegal immigrants.

Some 40 undocumented migrants were reportedly turned legal between the summer of 2015 and the summer of 2016. The prefecture employee closed her eyes when the lawyer presented her with the files made up of false documents and validated them. The prefecture has denounced the actions of this woman, who no longer works in the administration, under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, France Bleu points out. The employee was placed in police custody earlier this week before being released, the Clerk of the Court should be charged and placed under judicial supervision.

What is your opinion? Should there be a right to migrate ?