It is deceptively easy to get fake identification online these days. It only takes a quick Google search to find a large number of sites offering to sell you some. If you are worried that there may be scammers among them, your gut feeling is not failing you – many of them are. Its very easy to pull off this dirty trick – one only needs a website and bitcoin wallet.

Scammers become more sophisticated by the day, masking as real, functioning enterprise. The days of sloppily coded, amateur looking websites that raise suspicion immediately are long gone. Modern day charlatans invest heavily in design and development, writing convincingly sounding sales copies with the use of subtle but efficient marketing tricks. Playing on desire and need, they use latest advances in science of persuasion to defraud their victims.

As customers are left without usual means of protection in this gray market, they have no way to demand justice – their complaints will be ignored and payments can not be refunded. No ID will ever be shipped to you from fraudsters or you may receive sub-par product that looks like a joke. These con artists realize very well that you are in a vulnerable position here and can not defend yourself against their hoax. Ironically, fraudsters will often spend more resources on their crooked set up than it takes to organize a real ID printing business.

So how can you know if Freedom Fakes is legit?

For once, because we openly talk about the possibility of scam! We are exposing the dirty game of others so you know how to avoid it! We bring to light all the cheating tricks so you never fall for them!

But don’t take our word for it, look at the picture proofs that we have! Check out the examples of our IDs and look for these signs:

– Genuine photos of or IDs demonstrates that we are capable to design and print them

– High resolution format allows you to see that all important details are carefully replicated

– Different angles view proofs that the IDs were actually printed

– Wide variety of ID images means that we operate on a large production scale

– Professionally looking pictures are a pledge of quality

– Detailed ID picture instructions and shipping info means we actually plan to produce and deliver

– Raving reviews on Reddit r/FakeIDForum are a solid backup of our claims

We are professionals of our trade! We’ve been in the business for years! Our brand is recognized across all campuses of America and beyond! Because we deliver superb quality fakes, fast!

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Not convinced yet? Read our story here or email support with your questions!