We provide worldwide shipping for all our customers free of charge. Shipping takes approximately 10-14 days by air mail. Tracking number is provided as well.

Faster shipping options are available for additional fees.

For faster return shipping please choose an option below and include the extra fee with order payment:

Express shipping 1st option (approx 6-8 days, online tracking) – 25.00 USD

Express shipping 2d option (approx 3-5 days, online tracking) – 50.00 USD

You will need to include express shipping fee when you pay for your order at the checkout.

Group orders shipped to same address only need to pay 1 shipping fee.

We ship your order discreetly as a letter in express envelope with generic sounding business name as the return address. This way, no red flags are raised at any stage of the delivery and your order arrives to your door without any problems and on time.