1. Terms changes and policy acceptance

We reserve the right to change any or all of these terms and conditions at our discretion and at any time. Any such change will be considered effective immediately upon posting. It is your responsibility to read, understand and comply with these terms and conditions before placing an order on Freedom Fakes website.

2. Privacy policy

All personal details provided by you upon registration and order placement are treated according to our Privacy Policy.

3. Ordering procedure

All orders must be placed online through our website ordering form. Each client is responsible to provide correct details to be printed on their ID, as well as provide a clear photo of themselves that is in line with our photo guidelines. Failure to do so may incur delays and additional costs in processing your order.

4. Fulfillment of orders

Status of your order fulfillment is available in real time on your registered customer account. Average fulfillment time, from order placement to receiving date is 2 weeks. We do our best to process your order within this time frame. We can not be held responsible for delays caused by the circumstances beyond our control, such as postal service mistakes and misworkings, natural or technological disasters, civil unrest or terror acts.

Express shipping options are available for additional fee. See our shipping page for more details.

5. Cancellations and refunds

All orders are considered final upon placement. Due to the nature of business, Freedom Fakes will not be able to provide any refunds. If there is a fault in the ID that you received from us, such as wrongly printed details or photo, or non-functional security elements, we will re-issue new ID for you and ship it over for free.

6. Age restrictions

Freedom Fakes is only accepting orders for individuals under 23 years old. All placed orders where individual looks clearly older than 23 years of age on their attached picture will be rejected automatically without refunds or explanations. All negotiations attempts for such orders will be left unanswered. IP addresses from where such orders or requests were originated will be banned permanently from Freedom Fakes website and stored in our blacklist indefinitely, to prevent further abuse attempts.

7. Payment methods

All payments are considered final at the time they are made. We accept Bitcoin and WesternUnion payments only, due to high degree of security and privacy that they provide. For Bitcoin transactions, we require minimum of 3 confirmations on the Blockchain. For WesternUnion payments, MTSN number is required. Additionally, photo or scan of the transaction slip may be requested in some cases.

8. Limitation of liability

We are obligated to produce and deliver a quality fake ID according to your order details, present terms and conditions, and privacy policy. We can not be held responsible for any consequences or issues that may arise from your use or misuse of our product.