Underage Drinking: Brazilian Teens Forge IDs & Crash Their Cars!

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underage drinkersTheoretically, people under 18 can’t go into nightclubs. In practice, young party people go to the most popular nightclubs with ease. The security guards check everyone’s age, but the youngsters have tricks to circumvent the inspection, such as using a identity card with the year of birth adulterated. The same methods are used in different countries all over the world, such as the Netherlands and the USA. Now, its also happening in Brazil.

Avoiding the Security Checks

“Most nightclubs don’t have that black light to see if the ID Card is fake, so you can get in. You just can’t get into a rave, because there they have that light,” says 16-year-old Luisa, who frequently goes to Baroneti and Nova nightclubs in Ipanema, Privilege, in Búzios and Sky Lounge, in Lagoa.

DIY Fake IDs

But there are different Methods. There are those who counterfeit at home, with a simple scanner and printer, and there are those who use the identity of a friend or relative who is already of age. Another method is to buy a fake id on the Darkweb, using the Software „Tor“ to access hidden marketplaces. This is said to be more costly, but you get quality fakes that pass every inspection.

Raísa, 15, made hers at home, but prefers to use her sister, 21.


„Nobody suspects it’s not me. We look alike. I think it’s better to use hers, because it’s real.“


What does the Law say?

According to the Penal Code, making or using a false identity is punishable by two to six years of imprisonment and a fine, but since everyone is a minor, the penalties are lower, such as community services.

Inside the nightclub, young people feel free to consume alcoholic beverages and smoke, which is also prohibited, according to Child Protection Laws. The establishment that sells alcoholic beverages to minors, according to the Criminal Offenses Law, is also in conflict with the law. The owner of the nightclub, if caught in the act, is subject to imprisonment for two months to a year or a fine.

The Result: Drunk driving accidents!

At dawn on Sunday, an accident called the attention of the police. Leaving a nightclub, five young men were returning home when the driver of the car, Ivan Rocha Guida, driving at high speed, lost control of the car. The car hit a tree, rolled over many times and caught fire. Four of the five young men who were in the car died on the spot, and the other young woman died in the Miguel Couto hospital. Besides Ivan, who was 19 years old, Felipe Travassos de Azevedo, 22, and the minors Manoela Billiy da Rocha, 16, Ana Clara Rocha Padilla, 17, and Joana Kuo Chamis, also 17 were in the car.

The young people were returning from a party in the Sky Lounge nightclub, where, according to witnesses, they all consumed alcoholic beverages. It is not known whether or not the accident happened due to alcohol consumption though. Even though we might find that using a fake ID is understandable, driving under the influence is a serious crime and, in many cases, will lead to injury. So before you decide to drink, be sure to have someone to drive you home.